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Since 1989, SOBU has been a supplier of commercial and residential glass, mirrors, aluminum doors, sunrooms and more in Tokyo. Our experts can help you find exactly what you need.

Whether you want to increase the efficiency, safety, or aesthetic appeal of your windows, we have the products you need. We carry the best selection of brand name products like LIXIL, YKK AP, and Sankyo Tateyama. 

We do replacement & installation services of・・・

・Energy Efficiency Window & Door 

・Aluminum Balcony Roof and Terrace Cover

・Several kinds of carports

・Insect screen, Sunroom and more・・・

The proper installation of a window is vital to its long-term performance. Without proper installation, your windows won't have adequate structural support and over time, could fail. Our installation staff provides expert installation, delivering unbeatable quality control and long-term performance of your windows. In addition, we treat your home with the utmost respect and do everything we can to minimize disruption of your space. In short, our crews are considerate and clean up after themselves.    

Mon - Fri.   9am-5pm 

CALL  03-3804-1134   (English speaker staff available)



About us

Company Name       SOBU Co.,Ltd.

Address                  3-18-8 Nakakasai Edogawa-ku TOKYO

Post Code               134-0083

T E L                      03-3804-1134

FAX                        03-3804-1177


Establishment          March 1989

Business hours         Mon.-Fri   9am-5pm.

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